Submit proposals that have been deployed, vote on proposals, execute approved proposals, deploy "social proposals," and view proposal history.

The Proposals window is where proposals submissions and voting occur. Because StackerDAO proposals are smart contracts, every proposal contract first needs to be deployed. Asset transfer proposals can be deployed via the Vault window. Social proposals can be deployed here in the Proposals window.

A social proposal is an on-chain proposal that does not automatically perform any activity--it just contains text. Social proposals can be used for off-chain activities that cannot be automated and necessarily require the DAO to trust some people to carry out the proposal. They can also be used for "temperature checks" or surveys in which the DAO would like to first get an idea of the community's appetite for a particular proposal before actually submitting an actionable proposal. Once a proposal contract is deployed, it can be submitted by scrolling down to the "Inactive Proposal" section, finding the proposal, clicking "Propose", and confirming the transaction.

Once a proposal is submitted, it will appear in the "Proposals" section. A DAO member can vote on active proposals by clicking on the relevant proposal that they would like to vote on.

Once in the proposal, a DAO member can vote to either approve or reject the proposal and then confirm the on-chain vote transaction.

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