But first, what is a DAO?
A decentralized autonomous organizations (or a DAO) is a collective managed by its members with a shared mission whose rules are enforced in various degrees by self-executing blockchain software (smart contracts). Since these organizations are run with smart contracts, they inherit many of the properties potentially inherent in cypto/blockchain; they could be decentralized, trustless, censorship resistant, digital, and global. DAOs can be used in a wide range of use cases. Some current popular ones include:
  • Protocol DAOs: community protocol management
    • Ex: Compound DAO, MakerDAO, ENS DAO
  • Investment DAOs: collective investing
    • Ex: Meta Cartel, Flamingo DAO
  • Service DAOs: freelancer networks
    • Ex: Developer DAO
  • Grant-giving DAO: collective public goods funding
    • Ex: Gitcoin
  • Social DAO: social club with a crypto treasury
    • Ex: Friends with Benefits
  • Media DAO: community run mass communication
    • Ex: Bankless DAO
  • NFT Community DAO: collective management of a NFT collection ecosystem
    • Ex: MegaDAO, ApeCoin DAO, NounsDAO
This is just a taste of the types of DAOs out there. Here are some great resources where you can learn more about specific DAOs: