Bespoke Solutions

Customized structures for complex DAOs and startups.
In addition to being able to generate off-the-shelf templates on our platform, StackerDAO Labs also builds customized DAOs and DAO infrastructure for projects.
These services are appropriate for complex DAOs that cannot rely on an off-the-shelf structure or for projects that want DAO structures that differ from our off-the-shelf templates. Many protocol DAOs (a DAO governing external protocol contracts) may fall into this bucket.
We can also assist other startups that want to build or integrate the StackerDAO OS into their apps.
The beauty of the StackerDAO OS is that its modularity and composability allows most governance structures and integrations to be built with it. If you are interested in a bespoke solution, please reach out to StackerDAO Labs on Twitter, Discord, or fill out the survey on our homepage.