Administrative Powers

Actions that can be taken during an emergency, which sunset after several months by default.

Every DAO has the ability to contain administrative powers. The idea for administrative powers is that they are to be used during strenuous times, such as when one of the DAO's rules do not function properly or the DAO is undergoing a governance attack. Administrative powers allow a certain number of members to be able to file an "administrative proposal" and then the same amount or more members to be "administrative voters" who can vote on administrative proposals. Administrative proposals can be used to change rules like quorum or the percentage required to approve a proposal if the DAO is unable to meet these thresholds. In extreme cases, like a governance attack, the administrative team can disable proposal submissions before the malicious proposal is executed and reenable them when the situation is safe.

By default, every StackerDAO comes with administrative powers that sunset after several months. The StackerDAO deployer can customize the initial length of administrative powers or not include them. Additionally, the full DAO can vote to extend administrative powers or disable them.

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