Ownership Control

A DAO can own external ownable smart contracts.

StackerDAO OS follows a single-address ownership model. The core contract is the de facto owner of external ownable contracts (An ownable contract is to be understood as a contract that stores one privileged principal that may change internal state). External contracts thus do not need to implement a complicated access model, as any proposal or extension may act upon it.

Any ownable contract, even the ones that were deployed before the DAO came into use, can be owned and managed by the DAO. This is particularly useful for projects that want to progressively decentralize, allowing a DAO to manage fungible token contracts, NFT contracts, protocol contracts, and others even if the contracts were deployed before the creation of the DAO. Thus, projects can be more centralized at launch, and then, once they are ready for a DAO to take over, launch a DAO and turn over ownership of their contracts to it.

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