Offerings Overview

Summary of our current offerings.
We're developing and providing the following:

StackerDAO Operating System

The StackerDAO Operating System (StackerDAO OS) is a smart contract operating system for modular and composable web3 organizations, like DAOs, to collectively manage resources and take action. All protocols launched with the StackerDAO OS utilize automatic smart contract execution—the protocol can execute any proposal when approved—making organizations truly decentralized and autonomous.


Customers can choose among 3 products on our platform for what best suits their web3 organizational use case.

1. StackerDAO

A StackerDAO is a permissionless DAO that governs open networks and communities. It is Perfect for protocol DAOs, NFT communities, ecosystem DAOs, and more.

2. Clubs

Clubs are membership gated DAOs to raise funds, govern, and take action. Clubs are perfect for investment DAOs, impact DAOs, service DAOs, special purpose DAOs, and more.

3. Teams

Teams are multisig-like primitives for working groups to collectively manage assets and take on-chain action. Teams are perfect for companies, nonprofits, NFT projects, groups of friends, subDAOs, and early DAOs before decentralizing.

StackerDAOs Platform

StackerDAOs is a no-code generation and management platform where customers can create and manage a StackerDAO, Club, or Team. Features include treasury management, proposal submissions, voting, and more. Users will also be able to leverage legal and compliance tech solutions to avail themselves of legal benefits and meet compliance obligations.


Our SDK will include tools for developers to create their own customized DAOs and front-ends and for businesses to integrate their applications with our infrastructure. Coming soon.

Bespoke Solutions

Customized solutions for complex DAOs and applications.
We're meeting the market where it's at—there is currently no DAO technical infrastructure on Stacks—and launching first with our products' technical implementation (smart contracts and UI to interact with the smart contracts). We will then roll out our legal tech tools and SDK soon.