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About StackerDAO Labs

StackerDAO Labs is eliminating coordination barriers by transforming how people collectively own and take action through decentralized and trustless technologies.
Web3 is turning traditional economic models on its head—allowing users and contributors to more meaningfully share in the economic upside and governance of production. It is expanding into and swallowing all industries and verticals. New coordination structures and tools have emerged to empower web3 native organizations to manage this new ownership economy.
Web3 organizations, such as decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), are quickly supplanting virtually all types of organizations. From traditional corporations/LLCs that are focused on providing products and services and investment funds deploying capital, to nonprofits serving the public interest and even internet chat forums, DAOs and other web3 organizations are revolutionizing the way communities participate in the world around them, share ideas, and execute on shared missions. By allowing people to coordinate in a digital, decentralized, trustless, and global way, web3 organizations are exploring new ideas and methods, including people in governance who traditionally been excluded, and unlocking new heights of innovation.
Web3 organizations also have to face real world realities. Alongside its incredible growth, web3 is also facing intense regulatory scrutiny. Web3 organizations, and in particular DAOs, raise a host of legal issues, including entity formation, member liability, taxes, IP, securities, and more. For web3 to truly unleash ownership the ownership economy, communities need a way to easily create and manage web3 native organizations while minimizing legal risk and meeting compliance obligations.
The current web3 organization tooling landscape is complicated, messy, and requires disparate actors and services, from governance smart contract deployers to UIs for voting and treasury management to prohibitively expensive lawyers.
Enter StackerDAO Labs. We're developing a smart contract operating system, no-code generation and management platform, developer tools, and legal tech solutions for web3 native organizations. We're the first DAO infrastructure project in the Bitcoin ecosystem and are building on the Stacks blockchain to unleash Bitcoin—the largest crypto market—in the ownership economy. We will be adding support for other blockchains in the future.
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